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Electrical: Sharp Vision Inc. (SVI) performs all Electrical and Voice/Data/Video  construction. We provide various designs and oversee installation and maintenance of all electrical systems. Outside lighting fixtures, inside chandelier operations, or home sound systems, SVI provides it all for your convenient. Whether you want to light up the fountain in your backyard or create a customized home theater system, SVI walks you through all the necessary steps and helps you reach your desired outcome! we are Lutron lighting and shade certifide dealer.

Low Voltage: Sharp Vision Inc. (SVI) is a number one option for helping you maintain your home technology systems. We provide high quality technological systems for your home that will impress all your friends. Whether it be security systems/cameras, wireless internet networks, or fire alarms, SVI can help make your home the safest it can be. We work with highly qualified companies and individuals to help provide you the best and safest equipment to keep your home protected!